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Press Release: January 17, 2017

Hat Tip Revolutionizes Hourly Staffing

New hyper-local job website makes it easier for businesses in retail, restaurant and hospitality

to reach talented job seekers. Mall owners can now use the platform to make hiring easier for their tenants.


Finding a great new employee is now easier than ever! Hat Tip makes listing and searching for hyper-local jobs simple. This new technology allows retail, restaurant, hotel and other service companies to easily list jobs right in their store locations and allows job seekers to find them based on location.

“Many service workers are commute constrained, go to school part-time, or have multiple jobs,” says Chris Kermoian, Hat Tip CEO. “They are looking for jobs that are in the same mall or small geographical area. Hat Tip allows them to find those hyper-local employment opportunities.”


For Employers and Mall Owners

No other online job marketplace targets local job seekers like Hat Tip. Recent studies at a large, premier mall show that Hat Tip triples interaction with prospective local employees and brings employers more applicants for every job posting.

“Hat Tip’s exclusive algorithmic technology identifies jobs posted across the web; determines which jobs are for service positions in retail, restaurant and hospitality; then assigns exact geolocations for each job,” adds Kermoian. “These jobs are then provided in an interactive interface that is specifically designed for easy use by service workers, whether on their PC or mobile phone.”

Employers and mall owners find that many of their jobs can be automatically included in the Hat Tip system by Hat Tip’s algorithms with no additional work required. Hat Tip also provides a painless and flexible way to post additional jobs from any phone, tablet or PC. Posting jobs on mall websites has traditionally been slow and cumbersome. As a result, until now many mall owners have not been able to help their retail tenants hire to fill critical open positions.


Proof that Hat Tip Works for Employers, Job Seekers and Mall Operators

Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey wanted to increase the number of applications to mall retailers while also making it easier to post new jobs at their locations. In July 2016, the mall teamed with Hat Tip to launch a new job board. Hat Tip’s customized job marketplace generated thousands of additional job applications. Job seekers were more engaged on the site as well, spending three times longer looking at potential positions. Because Hat Tip automatically identified and updated many jobs, the number of active job openings increased tenfold.

“Mall tenants and mall marketing teams liked that so many jobs were updated automatically and that it was fast and easy to post more jobs,” says Bil Ingraham, Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at PREIT, owner of Cherry Hill Mall. “But the most important difference was in the number of job applications they received. Getting more qualified applicants provides a better opportunity to find the perfect employee.”


For Employees

The next new job could literally be right around the corner, and Hat Tip makes it easier to find.

Hat Tip empowers job seekers to find new and better jobs in targeted locations. The website is extremely easy to use and accessible by phone, tablet or PC. Using Hat Tip’s mobile app, job seekers can find positions all around their current location.

Hat Tip is rolling out its service in cities across the country, and partnering with dozens of malls to help stores hire. For more information, to search for jobs or post one: visit


About Hat Tip

Hat Tip connects employers in retail, restaurant, hotel, and other service businesses with job seekers looking for great local positions. We’re passionate about helping employers solve their hiring challenges and making a real difference in people’s lives. Our mobile apps help job seekers find great service jobs all around them.




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